We have been at your service for more than 30 years! 


Recently under new Management, we wish to keep providing to our dear customers a remarkable service! 

We have for mission to:


  • Make you discover innovative high quality products 

  • Offer advice & support in regards the health and well being of your pets.


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Kittens, small & medium sized puppies


Cat and Dog

Our animals have received their deworming and we offer a guarantee of the absence of fleas.
Our puppies also have their vaccinations up to date and we provide you with their health record.
Please contact us or visit us in store for more information.

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Upon appointement only!

Nutri-ami works with a certified and experienced groomer.
These are very important elements for choosing your groomer for your pets .
Please be assured that with Nutri-ami, the work will be carried out according to the rules of the art since we have followed a training regulated by the Ministry.


The full grooming service offered for dogs includes:

  • Shaving the underside of the legs

  • The shaving of the abdominal parts and rear part (back train)

  • The cut of the claws

  • The cleaning of the ears, inside and

  • underside of the ear canal and / or we remove the bristles inside the canal also

  • Mowing according to your taste and season

  • A good bath with a soft anti-allergen shampoo

  • Finally, a good drying as it should.


Two types of mowing and shaving are suggested, the famous Lion cut and the so-called Egale cut:

  • The Lion cut: allows the hair to be left at the ends of the legs and the tail. For the front legs, we can make a small slipper near the first joint that leaves less hair on the paw either a small boot which is a popular choice OR we can make a boot near the second joint of the paw, which leaves a length of hair down to the bottom of the shoulder. With regard to the crown, any kind of pattern to your taste can be considered.

  • The Egale cut: the use of a blade allows a longer length of hair to be left, such as a down, while not making a sliced cut like the Lion cut, all being equal.





Soon available, home delivery services !



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